Add a ‘Tooltip’ And Make Your WordPress Images Talk!

Take a look at the two images below.

At first glance, they might seem exactly the same. Well, look again!

Only this time, take your mouse over each of the two images.

WordPress Image Without Tool Tip


wordpress image with tooltip

When you mouseover the second image, a short description pops up. And that’s the tooltip! You can easily add a tooltip to an image in WordPress.


And here’s how –

Insert an image into a WordPress post or a page the usual way (via the “Add Media” button). Once the image is inserted hover over the image and click on “Edit” –

WordPress Image Edit

In the pop up, enter into the ‘Title’ field the text for Tooltip and click ‘Update’.

Wordpress Image Add Tooltip


And that’s all it takes! Refresh your website and mouse over the image to see the “Tooltip”.

Image Credit: Charles Haynes

Image Credit: Heisenberg Media

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