The ‘Genesis’ of my website

New theme on my website

I resisted it for a long time.

But it HAD to be done.

So, I steeled myself up, bit the bullet, took the plunge and changed the WordPress theme for this website to Genesis (by StudioPress).

Much drama over a theme change? What can I say, I don’t like change! And I was sort of attached to the old theme i.e. Thesis.

There was something so wonderfully expansive about Thesis.

It didn’t exactly look spectacular out of the box, but under the hood there were SO many options to work with that literally, you were limited only by your imagination as far as your site’s design goes.

That’s why I loved it so much: Thesis gave you a blank canvas that was full of possibilities.

Genesis works a bit differently. They have a whole slew of child themes to choose from that look pretty damn cool without doing much to them. So you can select a theme that’s closest to the design that you have in mind and use it as-is or tweak it around to your liking. And that’s a good way to go about designing your website too. But I personally prefer the starting-from-scratch approach. Just a personal preference is all.

Reasons for changing themes:

Several reason for it. The most important one being that I wanted a theme that was responsive out of the box. I went with Lifetstyle Pro child theme

With more and more people using their cell phones, tablets, Ipads and such to browse the internet, a responsive website is no longer a choice.

More like a necessity.

Now there are ways to make a Thesis website responsive as well. In fact, I have seen some gorgeous websites that run on it and show up beautifully on my phone. But I wasn’t too comfortable doing that, what with my site running on an older version of Thesis i.e. 1.8.5. I just wasn’t too sure about how long 1.8.5 would be supported. Also, I was in no mood to figure out the latest 2.0 version, which was meant to be wildly different in terms of usage.

Another reason why I moved is because I got sucked into the whole herd mentality and jumped on the bandwagon as well. A lot of people, many of who were hitherto Thesis loyalists, changed over to Genesis when Thesis 2.0 was released. As I explained above the latter is not very user friendly like its predecessor, 1.8.5.

So I guess I saw Genesis as a safer bet over the long run. And I saw now as a good time to make the change since there isn’t too much content on my site.

But the good news is that I am quite happy with my decision for I have managed to make my site look pretty much like it used to, even though there was a learning curve involved. And the places where it looks different are those that needed change anyway.

But I ain’t done with it. I still need to set a few things right, especially for smaller devices and of course the graphics need a lot of work.

All in good time!

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