Create A Free Custom Background Pattern For Your WordPress Website! (A Visual Guide)

We will be using a free tool called GIMP to make a custom background.

GIMP is an extremely powerful, packeed-with-features and FREE alternative to Photoshop. Fortunately, it’s available for both PC and MAC users. It is not the most user friendly piece of software, but that’s only because it has so much to offer. If this is your first time, that’s okay, the screenshots will help you along the way. Making simple, custom background with GIMP is a relatively easy task, as the software will do most of the work for you!

Step 1: Download GIMP at

Step 2: Fire up GIMP

Create A Custom Website Background With GIMP

Step 3: Click on the second color ‘box’ to select a color for the background.

Free Website Banner Choose Color

Step 4: When you click on the box, you can make your color selection from the ‘ Change Background Color’  screen that pops up. You can enter the hexcode and then click on ‘OK’.

Blog Background Color Select

Step 5: Now, with the background color set, in the horizontal menu bar right at the top go to ‘File’, ‘New’

GIMP file menu new background image

Step 6: In the “Create a New Image” pop up, under “Image Size” set the width and height of the image at 150 pixels

Blog Custom Background Setup

Step 7:  Again, in the “Create a New Image” pop up expand the “Advanced Options” and from the “Fill with” drop down select “Background color”. Click on OK.

Step 8: With the 150x 150 image open in GIMP, in the horizontal menu bar, select “Filters”, “Artistic”

GIMP background swatch

Step 9: Use different filters such as “Apply Canvas” , “Clothify” etc. for different effects

Apply GIMP FIlters To The Site Background Swatch

Here are two examples:

Apply Canvas

Custom Background Image Example


GIMP custom background example

Step 10: Once you have selected an effect, save the image by going to ‘File’,’Export’. In the file name include the format type e.g. “myfirstbackgroundimage.jpeg” and then click on ‘Export’. Fini! You can upload this image to your website.


  1. says

    Wow that was awesome. My website was just so plain that I have not wanted to publish yet. Thanks for the lesson. I check this out and see how it works. Hope I don’t mess up my website.



    • Reeta says

      Thanks, Suzanne! You can always change the background so its unlikely you will mess up your site . Have fun with it 🙂


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