When You Open Yourself To Art…

Street Art For Design Inspiration

One of three things can happen when you drag an out an out tropical person (read:me) into one ski store after another. The said person can grow crazy, throw whine-y tantrums or start to hallucinate about the sun, sand and blue waters. Since it was too freaking cold to even hallucinate about anything warm and since I am trying really hard to “harvest the good” (very wise words by I don’t really know who) in any situation I wondered what I could do to keep my sanity.

Then it struck me..

I was in this really scenic place, surrounded by quaint little shops embellished with charming artwork. What better place than this to get some design ideas?

Now even though I like to build websites, I have to confess that designing doesn’t come naturally to me. I am more into the geeky side of website building. Very rarely does a super design emanate from my imagination alone. More often than not, I need to look at great designs already out there to get a burst of creative inspiration.

And so I decided to pop out my trusty iPhone and capture any design, logo, pattern, color- anything at all that could serve as a design inspiration. Once I started to look around, as in really look around I couldn’t believe the sheer creativity that I found myself surrounded with. I even found a couple of art galleries and some really cool street art.

Who da thunk it eh?

Really, when you open yourself to art, art opens itself to you.

So, as experiment here is what I am going to do. In this post I will put up a couple of designs that I really liked (you know all those images that I clicked) and give a short explanation of why I liked them and then in a subsequent post I will use one (or maybe more) of the designs to make a website header or a logo or any other graphic.

And guess what, you can do something similar the next time you’re feeling all design blocked!

Alright! Ready for some wicked designs?

This was one of the first pics I clicked and I was in a bookstore then. At first glance it might not be obvious why, but take a closer look and do you see the lovely use of colors on the mug? I loved it! A great example of how too many colors don’t always spoil the design.

I also like the notebook cover with its dark colored background with bright text over it.


This next one is one of my favorites. I remember reading somewhere that one should never use more than 3 font styles in a piece of design. For the most part I do agree with that, but there are always exceptions as demonstrated by this cafe display board. 4 fonts and all of 2 colors = simple yet striking!

cool fonts on  display board outside a cafe

This next one looks eerily familiar, does it not? Heck ya! Take your gaze up to utterly web’s header and you will see a similar graphic. That’s the only reason I clicked this one!

Utterly Web's Header Design

These next two were also taken in the book store. I thought the flower pattern embossed on the journal cover was really pretty.

Journal Cover Pattern

What colors! Pattern on a bag

Hows that for some inspiration huh?

Stay tuned for some more interesting clicks in the next post!!

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