Are you a font fiend? Check out the free downloadable Google fonts!

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Are you a font fiend trying to find free fonts fitting for your fabulous website? Okay enough with the alliteration!

But read on if you want a low down on a few things typographical.

While I’m inclined to use one of the default typefaces such as Arial, Verdana etc. for all the written content on a website, when it comes to graphics and design, more often than not none of those ever really fit the bill. And that’s when I go looking for more.

While there are many resources that you could use, usually my first stop is: Google fonts. A personal favorite, if I may add.

And they are so easy to use! Simply visit their website, go through the huge collection that they have (and are constantly adding to) and hand-pick your favorite ones. The “Preview Text” feature (see #1 in the screenshot) gives you a glimpse into how the exact text that you are looking to pretty up will show up.

So, for example, let’s say you are creating a website header which contains the text “My Pretty Website Header”. That’s the text you’d want to preview:

Choose They Style From The List

A quick scroll down the results will help you narrow down the list; hit the “Add To Collection” button for all the fonts that you think are suitable for the job. Just don’t go too crazy. Or what the heck, knock yourself out. But if you are in a hurry, you could use the filters to the left to hasten the selection process (#2 in the screenshot).

Once you are done shortlisting, click on the “Review” button the in the “Collection” panel that you will find on the bottom of the page.

This will bring up the shortlist side by side for your comparison pleasure.

All right. It’s time to get a bit ruthless now: do away with all except that one font, the most perfect of them all for the task at hand. Actually, it might be a good idea to have 1-2 backups as well.

Let me explain.

The problem with free, downloaded stuff is that when you use it in an image editor, there’s an outside chance that it will not render as expected.For example, if you take your gaze up to the image right at the top of this page and look close enough, you will notice that the “?” shows up a bit weird. That’s okay with me, I don’t need my graphics totally perfect. But if you are a graphics purist, it might be absolutely unacceptable to have that irksome “?” on your website! So just to play it safe, have a back up or two.

When you have whittled down your list (say you chose “Diplomata” and “Niconne”) and ready to download, click on the tiny arrow button on the top right (#3 in the screenshot). Choose the option that downloads as a zip file. When the download is complete, look for Diplomata and Niconne on your computer (the “Downloads” folder or similar), unzip and paste the unzipped “TrueTpye” files into the right folder. If you are on a PC, you should find it here:


That’s it! Now the two latest additions to your typographical treasure should be available for use through image editors such as Photoshop, GIMP, Pixlr etc. You might have to restart the editor for them to show up though.

Now get designing that gorgeous header, will ya!

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