Get Your Own Super

Let me guess..

You have a brilliant idea for a blog brewing within,
Or you just want a website that you can call your own
You have spent many a hours
You have spent many a monies
on those DIY dummy books
but it bored the bejeezus out of you
It’s ok. DIY can be daunting.
Especially when it comes to setting up a blog or a website

But listen up, you can have your own fully customized blog/website. One that not only looks gorgeous, but is-

(1 )Built on a rock solid platform
(2) Runs on clean code
(3) You can easily manage (if you can login to your email, you can manage a blog/website. It’s that easy. My WordPress cheat sheet guide will take good care of you!)

No, you don’t need to pick up a yet another book. And no, you don’t need to shell out big bucks on a designer. *ALL* you need to do is buy web hosting using my affiliate link.

Remember, if you want your own blog or a website, you’ll need to buy web hosting anyway. If you buy it using my link, you get web hosting (but of course!) AND also the following –

If the thought of buying a domain/web hosting makes you want to scurry off to snooze land, you have two choices –

(1) Go through the following step-by-step instructions
(2) If you’re still feeling overwhelmed – get in touch with me. I’ll literally hand hold you through the process. At no extra cost.

(1) Buy a domain name
(2) Buy web hosting using my affiliate link
(3) Get in touch with me. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with some questions that will help me understand your blog/website idea, design preferences etc.
(4) If you like you could also contact me before using my affiliate link, just as a heads up. Or in case you have any questions/need help.
(5) That’s it! I’ll take over the reins, and you..well you just sit back, relax and wait while your super site is getting ready to sizzle up the WWW!

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