How To Add A PDF File To A WordPress Page Or Post

I have been using the term “PDF” for so long that I almost forgot that it’s not a word -it’s an abbreviation! Did that happen with you as well? Anyway, PDF is short for “Portable Document Format” and is a widely used format for documents. WordPress makes it super-fast and super-easy to add a link to PDF file to a page or a post on your website. To download the PDF, one will just need to click on the link.

Here are the steps –

Step 1- From the WordPress dashboard click on ‘Pages’ (or ‘Posts’). To add the PDF file to an existing page, click on ‘All Pages’ and select the exact page OR If you would like to add the PDF to a new page select “Add New” instead.

Step 1 for adding pdf is to click on Pages in WordPress dashboard


Step 2 – In the WordPress editor click on the ‘Add Media’ button.

click on wordpress add media button to upload pdf

Step 3 – On clicking the ‘Add Media’ button, the ‘Insert Media’ screen pops up. Click on ‘Upload Media’ , ‘Select Files’ and navigate to the PDF file on your computer’s hard drive. Double click on the PDF file on your computer to upload it to WordPress.


Step 4- Fill out the form on the right hand side. What you choose as ‘Title’ will appear as the download link text in the WordPress page. Make sure that you select ‘Media Files’ from the ‘Link To’ drop-down under ‘Attachment Details’. Click on ‘Insert Page’.

Insert PDF into WordPress page or post

Step 5- As mentioned in the previous step, the ‘Title’ makes up the download link text. Add any other text on the page if you like. Now just save the WordPress page and preview it to check if the download link is working correctly. Once done, publish the page.

PDF is added to the WordPress page or post

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