How To Add Captcha To Contact Form 7

Adding captcha to Contact Form 7 will provide an additional level of security to keep those spam messages at bay –


Contact Form 7 Captcha


In case you are not familiar with  how captcha works – the visitor wanting to contact you will have to enter the automatically generated alpha-numeric text as-is into the field, before hitting the ‘Send’ button. Spam bots aren’t smart enough to do that and that’s what keeps them away from bombarding your inbox! A simple, no-nonsense and effective solution.

Here’s a live example of captcha on Contact Form 7 –

Install The Really Simple Captcha Plugin For Contact Form 7

We will add captcha to the contact form via the the “Really Simple Captcha” plugin. The plugin developer is Takayuki Miyoshi, the same.From the WordPress Dashboard install the “Really Simple Captcha” Plugin and activate it. Click on the ‘Contact’ tab in the WordPress dashboard and then on the specific contact form that you would like to add captcha to.  The click on ‘Generate Tag’ and select ‘CAPTCHA” from the drop down  list-

Generate Tag Captcha

In the ‘CAPTCHA” box that shows up, make note of the two lines of code at the bottom –

Contact Form 7 Captcha Code

Take this piece of code and add it one at a time in the ‘Form’ panel, right above the code for ‘Send’ –

Copy Captcha Code



Save the form and refresh the contact page on your website – the contact form now appear with the captcha.

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