Menu Editor For WordPress 3.5

#1: From the WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Appearance’, ‘Menus’ to reach the ‘Menus’ screen.

#2: Choose any name for the menu, feed it in the ‘Menu Name’ field and click on the ‘Create Menu’ button.

#3 Under ‘Theme Locations’, choose the menu you just created from the ‘Primary Menu’ drop down. Save.

Theme Location For The Custom Menu

#4:   Find the ‘Pages’ panel ; here you will find a list of pages that you have published on your site so far. Click on ‘View All’ tab of the ‘Pages’ panel to get the option of adding the ‘Home’ page to the menu. Check all the pages that you want to add to the navigation bar and click ‘Add to Menu’.

Add New Pages To The Menu

#5: Now, all the selected pages will appear as tabs on the right hand side in the ‘Menus’ screen.

Menu Items

#6 Drag and Drop each page’s tab, up or down depending on your preference. The top-most tab will be the first menu item in the navigation bar and so on.

Save the menu when you are done!

Put The Menu Items In The RIght Order

Refresh your website to check out your brand new navigation bar.

To add blog posts, categories etc. to the custom menu use the ‘Screen Options’ on the top right corner of the ‘Menus’ screen to check the boxes for Posts, Categories etc. Scroll down the ‘Menus’ screen and you should now be able to find the ‘Posts’ and ‘Tags’ panels as well.

Checking the ‘Automatically add new top-level pages’ in the ‘Menus’ screen will make sure that as and when you publish pages, they will automatically find their way into the navigation bar.

Create Sub Menu Items

You can also create sub menu items by dragging a tab below any tab and to its right, like so:

Create Sub Menu Items

Renaming Menu Items

Expand the tab for the menu item that you would like to rename by clicking on the tiny down arrow on the right hand side of the tab. Input the name you’d like to give it under “Navigation Label”

Rename Menu Items

Additional Custom Menus

Click on the “+” icon to add another custom menu and follow instructions given above

Additional Custom Menus


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