Which WordPress Theme Are You Using?

WordPress released the very cool Twenty Thirteen theme in August 2013. When you install WordPress on your website, the version that you’re installing will determine your site’s default theme. Auto installers such as Fantastico have made it really easy to install WordPress, but they aren’t that smart when it comes to installing the latest WordPress version. That’s really not a biggie, even if you land up with a stale version you can very easily upgrade to a new one, by simply clicking on a link. But that’s not what this tutorial is about.

The purpose of this tutorial is three-fold –

(1) To get you to determine the WordPress version you are using

(2) To get you to determine the WordPress theme that your website is using

(3) To learn how to switch themes

What’s Your WordPress Version?

Once you have installed WordPress on your website, please navigate to www.[yourdomain].com/wp-admin and you will be asked for your username and password –


Go ahead and enter in the required information (use the admin username and password that you created during the installation). When you log in you’ll be take to the Dashboard Area –

log into the dashboard


Scroll down a bit to get a better look at the ‘Right Now’ panel. This panel will contain the information we are looking for – the WordPress version and theme that you’re using –


WordPress Version & Default Theme

And there you go! The ‘Right Now’ panel gives you the two pieces of the information we’re after, that is, the WordPress version and the theme that your site is using.

On to the third part – how to switch themes. Easy. In the vertical menu on the left hand side of the dashboard, click on ‘Appearance’, ‘Themes’. The ‘Available Themes’ section will list all the themes that are available for activation. Simply click on the ‘Activate’ link under the theme that you would like to switch to. And done!

Refresh your website to see the changes.


  1. Sriram says

    Hi Reeta,
    In the Posts, there is a thick blue button “Continue Reading”.

    I want to change its format (make it look like a normal text, rather than a button).

    Please advise how I can do this.

    • Reeta says

      You could change the background color of the button to match the site background and change the label color as well. Please look at Chapter 30 (figure 30.4) to see how to do that. If you would like to remove the button all together, I think that will need some CSS code, you could ask at the Graphene forum for more details.

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