WordPress 3.6 Menu Editor

NOTE!! The WordPress 3.6 menu editor has been retained in newer versions of WordPress (3.7, 3.8). So the instructions here are for WordPress versions 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Appearance’, ‘Menus’

WordPress 3.6 New Menu Interface

Click on the ‘create a new menu link’



Give the menu a name and then click on ‘Create Menu’

Give The New Menu A Name

Under ‘Theme Locations’, check Primary Menu. Doing so will assign the menu that you are creating as the primary menu.

Primary Menu


In the ‘Pages’ panel click on ‘View All’ and check all the pages that you would like to include in the menu. Then click on ‘Add to Menu’.

Pages Panel

The pages that you have selected will appear as tabs in the menus screen –

Page Tabs

Drag the tabs up or down to change the order of the menu items. The top most tab will be the first menu item etc.

Arrange The Page Tabs For The WordPress Menu

You can also place a page tab in an indented position to create drop down menu items –

WordPress Drop DOwn Menu

Expand a page tab to give it a new navigation label –

WordPress Edit Menu Name

Don’t forget to save the menu!


Click on the ‘create a new menu link’ again and follow the steps given above.


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