WordPress.com To WordPress.org – How To Take The Leap

My Bags Are Packed And I am Ready To Go!

So, you would like to bid adieu to wordpress.com and move with bag and baggage (aka content+traffic+followers etc.) to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Elated at the prospect of moving to greener pastures but worried that ride might get a bit bumpy?

Well, turns out there’s no reason to fear for the Happiness Engineer is here. And no I am not talking about myself – neither am I too too happy at the moment (don’t ask- have to fill up these tedious forms; I hate filling up forms, I do!) nor am I qualified engineer.

I am talking about official WordPress engineers who’ll help you with the move! For a one-time payment of $129 you can have a WordPress Happiness Engineer hold your hand through the process of migrating from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. Yes, $129 is not a small amount but I do think it’s a fair price. Look at what all you get –

From the WordPress site

What does the Guided Transfer include?

Installing the WordPress software at the recommended host of your choice.
Transferring over your entire WordPress.com site.
Installing and configuring Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on WordPress.com.
Configuring and testing permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades.
Switching your domain(s) nameserver settings to point over to the new site.
Answering questions and providing guidance for you on your new WordPress installation for a two week period.

I have personally never used the service but if I do know that if I were looking to migrate and could afford hired help – I wouldn’t look elsewhere.Who better to trust my WordPress website with than a WordPress engineer. And a Happiness Engineer at that!

Please go here for more information –


WordPress.com To WordPress.org – The No Cost Route

However, if you a DIY option also exists and it costs zilch! Go here –




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